November 11, 2004

Who's Scared of a Scarecrow?

We have a few questions that were emailed to me, so I figured I'd
take a bit of time and answer them. I do appreciate all the
questions people send in, but keep in mind that we get lots of
emails and simply can't answer them all.

Jennifer scans through them and sends me the best ones, and I try
to pick the ones that will be most relevant to everyone on this list.

So, please, keep submitting your questions comments, and be patient
--hopefully we'll get to yours...

But first, here's a *TIME SENSITIVE* message:

Winter is fast approaching, and every year -- our distributor
sells out of pond de-icers! And every year, we have people
trying to order one from us, that we have to turn away because
our distributor is just plain out of 'em.

The good news is, that they currently have 77 in stock right now.

Since they got in over a thousand earlier last month, I expect
these last 77 to sell out very quickly (like in the next week or

So, as an incentive to help you avoid the rush, and not to miss
out on your chance to keep your pond 'ice-free' this winter - I'm
offering you FREE SHIPPING (a $10 value) if you order one in the
next 24 hours. That's the only way I can guarantee that yours
will ship in time.

To claim your free shipping De-Icer offer, just click on this
link before Midnight, Thursday November 11th:

<< Be sure to enter 'FREESHIPPING' during checkout! >>

Now on to our readers comments and questions...


"Thanks for sending Q and A, great stuff glad, you keep me on
your list, I am saving them per print out. Very helpful.

Again thanks,



Hi Heiko,

Glad you're enjoying the tips and Q&A. That's a great idea also,
of printing them out and saving them for future reference. I
recommend everybody either setup a special folder in their email
software to store our Pond Q&A emails, or print them out and save
them in a binder, because you never know when you'll need to
refer back to something...

And you don't want to be stuck with a problem, thinking 'I know I
read about how to solve this somewhere, but I can't remember

So for everybody else who ins't saving these - it's not too late
to start!



Do you still carry the motion activated sprinklers? I tried to
find them on your website, but couldn't. Please let me know, as
I am having a problem with a very large gray Heron that is fishing
out all of my fish.....


Rick Trenney

P.S. Any other suggestions as to how to keep this bird away would
be appreciated.


Hi Rick,

Well, we like to keep things interesting and challenging - so we
hide these really well (It teaches you to be resourceful).

Actually, the truth is that I'm just plain lazy sometimes and I
forgot to make the page that links to these. So, thanks for
bringing this to my attention, and here is the link for more
information about 'The Scarecrow':

However -- please also note that you can always use our handy
dandy 'Search' feature on the website. And after checking, sure
enough -- the Scarecrow Sprinkler comes easily on our site using
the 'Search Now' box on the website.

Hope this helps, sorry to hear about your un-invited guest. From
what I hear, the Scarecrow is the best solution...

Here's the link again:


That's all for now..

Happy Pondkeeping!

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

Posted by bfogle at November 11, 2004 05:34 AM