November 09, 2004

Snake solutions...

Snake solutions...

The other day, we posed a question to our readers about how to
get rid of snakes around the pond, and sure enough... Several of
our readers send in their ideas (see below).

Also included today, is a letter from a reader in Kwa-Zulu Natal.
I wasn't sure where that was, so I looked it up on the internet.

Kwa-Zulu Natal is apparently in South Africa, Rhino country! For
a quick cultural escape, click here:

Now on to our readers comments...

Snake Solution #1

"I live in the country and have a nice little pond with no
SNAKES,but I do have several cats and kittens that live outside.
I am real sure the cats keep the snakes away or kill them.
Besides the cats keeping the snakes away, they are fun to watch.

They drink from the pond and all the time they drink they are
watching the fish, as a matter of fact they drink more water
since I put the fish in the pond..."

Bev in Okla.


Snake Solution #2


In regards to Cliff's problem with garter snakes eating his fish,
I find there is nothing like a good old cat to hunt down and
carry away a squirming little snake.

My cats don't bother the fish, they are in water and what cat
wants to get wet. But a snake or frog in the rocks is just too
tempting to
let go by."



And now for our readers comments from South Africa...

If you are a PondStuff! subscriber from an interesting part of
the world -- we'd love to hear from you! Send your questions,
comments, or pictures to

"Hi there,

So far I am quite knocked out from all the information. I have
been printing out your articles at a rate and will be reading
this week end. I have decided that I want perfection when I
finish my Koi pond.

So we are going to plan plan plan and then start digging next
year during winter (June 2005). I have a very successful small
1000 litre pond with a biofilter that I made from previous
reading. So of course now I want the real BIG one that lasts a
life time and yes I want to own one of those Koi that look like a
killer whale. So as you see I am passionate about this.

So what I should be leading to is... I am thrilled that I have
subscribed to your website, and in time I will send you before
and after pictures of my pond.

I live in Kwa-Zulu Natal, in a small village called Hilton. If
you are ever in the area - drop us a line, you never know."




Hi Paul,

Thanks for your note. Sure, send us your pictures - we'll share
them with our readers. Glad you are enjoying the articles, and
my compliments to you for doing your research BEFORE building the
Most people do it the other way around...

Ok, next time im in the area, I'll drop by ;-)

Happy Pondkeepping!

Brett Fogle
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