November 02, 2004

Here's why I'm hoppin' mad...

Here is today's Pond Q&A, with a question about snakes.

But first -- We have some very bad news...

Apparently, the conference call company that was 'supposed' to
record our Live Pond Q&A on Satruday, screwed up and starting
recording at 2pm PST. The call was at 2pm EST.

I've used them in the past, with no trouble - but you know what
Murphy said... As it is, we have no record of any of the 2 hour
call, where I was grilled with over 120 different pond related
questions, on a wide variety of different subjects.

So, those of you who made it -- thanks for joining us! For those
of you didn't... you really missed out. We had hoped to have it
up on the website for you to listen to at your convenience...

Anyway, on to the Q&A...




I'm new to your list but am really enjoying the great Q & A's.

I have other un-wanted dinner guests and so far from all the
people I have talked to there seems like nothing I can do. My
guests are garter snakes and have "lunched" on several of my
friendly fish. This last summer we caught 15 (at different times)
and removed them.

Is there a protective measure I can use to guard against them?

Thanks in advance,

Cliff Johnson



Hi Cliff,

Well snakes are a whole different animal to try and get rid of.
They don't respond to most decoys, netting, electric fences or
the like... so there's really not a whole that I know of that you
can do. Of course, you could try getting some bigger rubber
snakes - as most snakes are cannibalistic and will eat each
other. Yep, it's true - I saw it happen on the Discovery channel
just this past weekend.

Other than that, you're doing the best you can by removing and
relocating them (assuming you are re-locating them). If any of
our readers have any other suggestions, feel free to send them


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Happy Pondkeeping!

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

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