October 27, 2004

Important Teleseminar Announcement!


This is Brett Fogle from MacArthur Water Gardens.

We sent out an important announcement over the
weekend - did you get it?

So many of you have been sending in your pond
questions, that frankly -- we just can't keep up
with them!

But the good news is...

I've setup a live teleseminar this coming
Saturday, October 30th at 2PM to try and answer
some of your most pressing questions about your
pond or water garden.

Since 'pond-season' is winding down, now is a
great time to 'sharpen your skills' and brush up
on your pond knowledge, so that you're ready for
Winter (and next Spring as well!)

I've just setup a special webpage for you to post
your questions to me here:

So why not take a few minutes and visit this
website, and enter in your single biggest question
about your pond that you'd like me to answer on

The call is free, and it's quick and easy to ask.
Just click on this link to submit your question now:

Then join us on this coming Saturday, October 30th
at 2 PM EST for a 60-90 minute tele-class where
I'll be answering all of the questions that come
in, and maybe even taking some live questions at
the end.

Here are the call details for you to dial in:

What: Pond Q&A Teleseminar
When: Saturday, October 30th 2PM EST

Dial: 1-580-474-3600
Code: 222037#

<< Please save and print the access phone
number and pin code above >>

This will be a one-time event that you won't want
to miss. We'll be covering all sorts of topics,
and giving away lots of tips and 'insider'
techniques that I'm sure you haven't heard

So again, click on the link below - submit your
question, then join us this Saturday for an
informative live tele-class.

It will be fun, I promise!

Here's the link again:

Hope to hear from you,


Posted by bfogle at October 27, 2004 08:00 AM