October 13, 2004

More Winterizing Questions

Here is today's Pond Q&A, with more questions about winterizing ponds:



We had an algae bloom that was pretty bad in our pond. I used a
flocculant and an enzyme and right now the water is crystal

However, when the water began to clear, and very much to our
surprise we found in the neighborhood of 2 dozen babies (Koi) in
the pond. Most of them are still there and growing, but I wonder
if they will survive the winter being so small.

We are in southern New Hampshire. I pland on buying the
winterizing kit you sell but will that be enough for the babies?





Hi Marty,

FYI - UV sterilizers are best to prevent algae blooms in the
future! If you had babies, you're doing something right, so

Sure, they should survive if your pond is at least 18" - 24" deep
in your region.

Either way, the de-icer will be important for creating a hole in
the ice. It's important so that decaying organics in the pond
(rotting leaves, fish waste, etc) can 'de-gas' from the pond
water. The fish will go into hibernation mode, and will slow
their metabolism so that they can survive just fine ... As long
as they don't freeze solid...

Hope this helps,


*** PS>> We've also had some questions lately about feeding fish
in winter. As a reminder, you SHOULD NOT feed your fish when the
water temperature drops to below 55 degrees F. This is because
fish don't have stomachs, and have much less digestive enzymes in
colder temperatures, so feeding them food can by very dangerous
for them.

Fish are little pigs, and will act hungry at times in winter -
but you MUST RESIST the urge to feed them. The food in their
intestinal tract will essentially rot, as it cannot digest
properly. So be fish friendly, and DON'T FEED at temperatures
below 55 degrees!

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Posted by bfogle at October 13, 2004 01:25 AM