October 11, 2004

Pond Q&A - Pond Winterization

Here is today's Pond Q&A, with two questions about pond

Question #1>


I have a pond approx. 8' x 13' (rubber pond lined) that
is 12- 14" deep. It is filled with 6-8" gold fish and a few
other small fish. would a heater such as your ultimate keep this
water from freezing and an opening in the top?

Any idea of electric useage ? Keep in mind we can get -10 to -15
F for weeks at a time.

Thanks for any help,





Your pond is not deep enough for them to survive that harsh of a
winter without a de-icer. You would need 18" - 24" minimun depth
fot them to survive without freezing.

So, in your case, I would have two. One for backup in case one
de-icer dies during the winter...

These de-icers are thermostatically controlled so they only turn
on then the temperature drops below freezing. In your case, that
may cause it to be on continuously, but without it - the fish
will surely freeze..

The only other alternative is to bring them indoors, but this can
be problematic as well.

Hope this helps.

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Question #2>

Thanks Brett-

Just love all of this info! But FYI:some of live in climes where
'winter' is like your summer....and summer is simply hotter!

In the sierras, that means possibly 90 in the summer-70 in the
winter. Perhaps an article or two devoted to tropical ponds would
be well received?

Thanks so much!


PS-- what product can I get to increase oxygen?



Hi Carol,

Thanks for your your compliments.. You're right, and many of our
readers (rapidly approaching the 10,000 mark!) are in warmer
climates as well so Winter is not really a concern. If your
winters are still in the 70's, then you definatly won't need a
de-icer ;-)

Your suggestion is a good one, and since we are also in a
tropical climate (Florida), we're just finishing up a great
article on water lily fertilizing and dividing. When things
start to cool down after the hot season, is a great time to pull
out those lilies and divide the root, re-pot them, and let them
get over the shock of re-planting well ahead of Springtime when
you want them to bloom and grow!

So look for that article in this months newsletter (or sooner)...

For your oxygen question, Microbe-Lift makes a great product
called LIft-OX which improves dissoved oxygen levels. Here is the
description from the website:

Microbe Lift - LIFT OX-

"Use for immediate and continuous release of oxygen in overloaded
systems. Provides slow release of oxygen to ponds for weeks after
addition. Safe for humans, wildlife, and aquatic life."

You can find out more about it, and the other excellent
products by Microbe-Lift here:

<< The link above is a long one, so if it doesn't work, try
copy/pasting the full link into your browser instead>>

Hope this helps,

Happy Pondkeeping!

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

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Posted by bfogle at October 11, 2004 05:45 PM