PowerPaks Pond Cleaner
  Pond Care PowerPaks Pond Cleaner

Pond Care Powerpaks Pond Cleaner


Pond Care PowerPaks Cleaner

Easy to use, super-concentrated, water-soluble packets begin to dissolve in seconds. NO MEASURING OR MIXING, simply toss the required number of POWERPAKS into the pond. The pack will dissolve in water in seconds, releasing the natural cleaners into the pond. The cleaning bubbles rapidly disperse the bacteria and barley throughout the pond. Contents treats up to 9600 gallons. For initial spring and fall treatments, use 1 pack per 600 gallons twice per week for 2 weeks. Summer maintenance dose of 1 pack per 1200 gallons every 2 weeks.

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PowerPaks Pond Cleaner - 8 packs , 1 oz. packs

Price $15.99


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